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Chef Mate- Hot & Cold

  • All in 1 Power Blender
  • Innovative Heating Technology

Hi-Tech’s Chef Mate- Hot & Cold Power Blender lives up to its name due to its super powerful ability to mix, churn, grind, heat, and blend a variety of things, that too in no time. The most important feature of this blender is that it allows heating at various optional temperatures from 60 degree Celsius to more than 100 degree Celsius for different needs. Additionally it also provides an option where you can keep the food warm at 55 degree Celsius.

The powerful machine comes with an ultra-modern LED panel installed to display the settings. This device works on 6 separate program options for vegetable/fruit juice, soup, sauce/broth, soy milk, paste and milkshake. It keeps the milkshake cold and the soup hot, until served. From extracting soya bean milk, to brewing different soups, to making chocolate milkshake or fruit juices, to making food paste for infants, this blender does it all. Tired of hustling to make a bowl of soup? Who said good things don't come in a jiffy? Just put the ingredients of the soup in the jar, watch them boil to perfection and blend into a smooth mixture and that too in 15 minutes. Craving a frozen dessert in the midnight? This super blender is the one you can always rely upon. Just blend the frozen fresh fruits and you are sorted. Love eating healthy but hate chewing green vegetables? Here’s what this super blender does, just blend all the vegetables to make green smoothies with ideal consistency and no pieces of green vegetables to chew. All in all, this is super easy and convenient to use along with being compact and versatile.

Rs 14,495
  • Heating Technology

    Innovative Heating Technology to empower a user with Blending as well as Heating Function

  • Safety Protection

    Overheating and Overcurrent Protector for Safety 

  • Multifunction

    Multiple Preset Functions for a User-friendly Interface

  • LED Panel

    Feather Touch LED Panel

  • Durable Glass Jar

    Highly Durable Glass Jar

Model Number 0803
Power 1500W
Operating Voltage 220-240V
Capacity 1.75L
Frequency 50/60Hz
Heat Power 800W
Heating Function Yes
Inclusions Includes Blender, Instruction manual, Recipe book
Keep Warm Function Yes
RPM 32000
Warranty No Warranty Guarantee, No Replacement
What is a Chef Mate Blender?

A Chef Mate Blender is a device almost entirely for the purpose of turning foodstuffs to liquid. It is used to make soups and other liquid foods, but can also be used to crush ice, when crushing ice add 15ml (1 tbsp) water to 6 ice cubes and operate the blender in short bursts. If supplied with a mill, this can also be used to grind coffee beans and spices.

How does the hot and cold food preparation mechanism work?

Hi-Tech’s Chef Mate is capable of making a smoothie as well as heating a soup. Hot and cold ingredients are blended at a high-speed speed while the stainless steel blades spin at 32,000 RPM to produce friction heat. In just a few minutes, the food prepared will be steaming hot. Frozen foods are crushed at a quick speed, leaving no time for melting.

Can I make hot soup?

You can make soup or any hot liquid as follows:

First, be sure that the lid is securely in place

Insert all the ingredients

Use the Soup function

Sit back and relax

Does the Hi-Tech Chef Mate Blender have a Glass Jar?

Yes- A High Quality Glass Jar

What should I do if I overload the Blender?

Typically the Blender is overloaded when blending heavy ingredients. In the event the blender is overloaded the motor will automatically shut-off to prevent motor damage. 

To reset the blender turn off the Blender. Allow 20 minutes for the Blender to cool and restart. To prevent the blender from being overloaded mix the ingredients in smaller batches or add additional liquid to reduce the load on the Blender motor.

Why is my jug cloudy or stained? How can i clean it?

The minerals from fruits, produce and leafy greens can cause a film residue to form on the container. We recommend pouring one cup of white vinegar into the jug and filling it half-full with warm water. Let the jug soak in an upright, standing position for several hours, then pour the contents out and use a soft pot scrubber (do not use a harsh or high abrasive scrubber as this could cause the jug to go cloudy) to clean the inside of the jug. Be careful while cleaning around the blade assembly as the blades are sharp.

Can I crush ice in my blender?

Yes. Always cover ice with a liquid and process in small batches, using the highest speed available, and pulse until satisfied with texture.

Can I chop dry ingredients in my blender?

Yes. Always process in small batches and Pulse on and off (limiting run time) until mixture is at its desired texture.

Can I blend dry rice and beans in my blender?

Yes. You can blend rice and beans in the blender to make flour. We recommend that you limit the quantity to 2 cups or less at a time.

How do I process raw vegetables?

Process in small batches.

What are the recommended ingredients for each speed setting?

The lowest speed setting should be used for thin and light mixtures such as milk for frothing, light batters, milkshakes and scrambled eggs. The higher speeds should be used for thicker mixtures such as soups, pates and mayonnaises. The pulse is useful for anything, if a quick but short burst of power is needed, it is also ideal for ice crushing.


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