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Clay Pot Multi-cooker Plus

  • 1st in India: Handi Multi Cooker
  • Korean Technology
  • 100% Organic and Healthy
  • 0% taste absorption

Hi-Tech's Clay Pot Multi-cooker is a one of its kind patented product in the cooking range with a 100% natural and organic pot. It is designed using patented Korean technology. Based on the most primitive and classic forms of cooking, it is made from 3 types of clay moulded in 5 layers of a combined thickness of 5.5mm. Each featured layer is formed to serve its dedicated function. The Clay Pot is developed using 11 techniques and 28 extensive procedures and tests. The formation process takes place at 1350°C that completely eliminates the risk of any kind of poisonous elements in the materials used.

It has been tested that over 90% of Teflon non-stick coating has some form of poisonous ingredient that may appear on repeated use. Absence of any such coating makes our Clay Pot a highly recommended product for all the users due to its emphasis on healthy living. 

Clay as the primary material being alkaline in nature considerably reduces the acidic property of the water used for cooking food; thereby helping to adjust the pH value of the water. This in turn also makes cooking baby food extremely convenient and safe. Steaming, and making water based items like pulses, soups, instant noodles, halwa, chicken, baby food are a cakewalk with this device. More than everything else, this cooker is ideal for steaming rice, making biryani or even cooking brown rice. 

Specifically designed keeping health and taste as priorities, the Clay Pot Multi-cooker releases safe and effective Far Infrared Rays which ensures even distribution of heat. This outstanding feature combined with clay's porous and heat retaining nature brings out superior cooking qualities, perfect flavour and rich texture of the food. The use of clay also adds a hint of calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulphur and several other essential compounds that our body benefits from.

It’s small and compact design makes it convenient to carry which ensures your home like healthy living outdoors as well. With this real non-stick pot, the cleaning becomes super easy and convenient. Also, with 0% water and taste absorption, there is no change in taste of your cooked food unlike in other coated pots and cookers.

It has a condensation collector which channels away excess moisture to maintain the texture, helping to cook food to perfection. When cooking is complete, the Condensation Collector detaches to get rid of excess water for easy clean-up. 

This device on the whole is a multipurpose 2-in-1 cooking assistant, as the Clay Pot can be used with the cooker as well as directly on a stove or inside an oven for its various benefits. Its heat resistance threshold and portable size makes it immensely adaptive and versatile.

Cooking 100% naturally boiled and stewed food items make Hi-tech’s Clay Pot Multi-cooker one of the safest and healthiest cooking appliances. Being an unusual blend of the most advanced procedures in science and the most basic forms of cooking, this Clay Pot Multi-cooker offers a wide variety of cuisines you can prepare meals from. It's not just an appliance, it's a complete chef that's custom made to Indian cooking style to serve you the best in the healthiest form.

Rs 9,995
  • 1st in India

    The blend of most primitive and classic forms of cooking (Handi) with the latest technology (Electric Cooker), Hi-Tech brings you to India’s first Claypot Multi Cooker

  • Korean Technology

    Korean Technology suited for Indian style of cooking

  • Patented Ceramic Claypot

    2-in-1 suitable for Gas and Electric / Oven with 0% Poisonous Ingredient 

  • Adjusts the pH value

    Clay as the primary material being alkaline in nature considerably reduces the acidic property of the water used for cooking food

  • Rich Taste

    Ensures Rich Taste of Food via even distribution of heat while cooking

  • Elements in Clay

    The use of clay also adds a hint of calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulphur and several other essential minerals 

  • 0% water and taste absorption

    There is no change in taste of your cooked food unlike in other coated pots and cookers

  • Maintain Food Texture

    Condensation collector which channels away excess moisture to maintain the texture of the food 

  • Anti-spillover

    Anti-spillover and detachable steaming valve

  • WIndow Design

    Visual window design of top lid

  • Portable Design

    Easy to carry and Portable design

  • Easy to Use and Clean

    Real non-stick and Easy to Clean

  • Condensation Collector
Model Number 0102
Power 790W
Operating Voltage 220-240 Volts
Capacity 4.0L
Digital Display Panel Yes
Multipurpose Function 12
Pot Quality 5.5mm ceramic/clay coating inner pot thickness
Preset Functions 24
Warranty No Warranty Guarantee, No Replacement
Accessories Instruction manual, Recipe book, Rice/soup spoon, Measuring cup
What is the highest temperature the Claypot Multi-Cooker can achieve?

The Claypot Multi-Cooker temperature can go upto 150°C. This makes it more precise than a traditional cooker and delivers consistent results with every dish.

What makes the Claypot Multi-Cooker different from a slow cooker?

The Claypot Multi-Cooker is not a slow cooker. A slow cooker does not offer the full range of cooking methods found on the Multi-Cooker. The Multi-Cooker has multiple cooking methods including slow cook and keep warm. It also has various preset functions including:  rice, soup, porridge, white pasta, chicken, baby food and yoghurt.

How long does the Claypot Multi-Cooker keep food warm after cooking?

The AUTO KEEP WARM feature runs for up to 24 hours after the cooking cycle is complete.

Why there is no display light?

This happens when the power is off or when there is a failure in PCB. Once check whether the power cord is plugged tightly in the connection pat or call the customer care once.

What types of food can I make in the Claypot Multi-Cooker?

Risotto, boiled eggs, steamed vegetables, yoghurt, pudding, cake, rice, biryani, white pasta, baby food and so much more.

What is the best way to clean the Claypot Multi-Cooker?

Wipe the outside of the Multi-Cooker with a clean, damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Claypot is 100% non-stick and super easy to clean in running water or wiping it with moist cloth.

How long does the multi cooker take to cook white rice? How long for brown rice?

20 minutes for white and 30 minutes for Brown rice or whole grain. Slightly more or less time depending on amount of rice and liquid is inside the cooker.

Can the clay pot be used as a serving piece?

Of course! But be aware that the pot may be hot and that the natural clay surface is rougher than glazed clay or glass. Place the pot on a trivet or other protection for wood, plastic or composite table surfaces.

Why the heating plate is not hot?

This heating plate doesn’t get hot when there is PCB failure, when there is heating plate failure or the fuse is blown you have to contact the customer care.

Why the contents in the food are not cooked enough?

This happens when the ingredients are low and the water ratio is not right. The inner pot is not kept properly with the heating plate. When there is PCB failure, inner pot is damaged or there is a sensor failed. The solutions are to adjust the ingredients and water proportion according to the capacity. Check whether the pot is kept correctly or if it continues, contact the customer care.

Why the rice is burnt in the cooker?

If the inner pot is not placed properly it happens so before cooking once check whether the pot is correctly placed.

Why there is an overflow in the Claypot Cooker?

The overflow happens when the ingredients are more, when the function that is chosen in incorrect or the ratio of water is more. For the resolution we have to keep the exact quantity of ingredients, we have to select the proper function or the water that is kept should be reduced.


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