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Ultra-Slim Kitchen Scale

  • LCD Digital Display
  • Tare Option

Hi-Tech’s Ultra-Slim Digital Kitchen Scale is an essential ingredient for a healthy everyday life. With a classy black appearance and a durable body, this device can weigh upto 5kg with utmost precision.

This scale allows you to change the weighing unit from kgs to lbs and vice-versa. The tare option allows weighing of multiple ingredients in the same container, while the auto shut off feature helps save power. 

The glass plus plastic body makes it light weight and easy to store. The backlight enabled LCD display makes reading convenient. The device not only offers you the benefit of weighing grocery at home but also ensures you get a balanced diet. A must have for every kitchen.

Rs 1,295
  • LCD Display

    LCD Digital Display

  • Durable Body

    Classy and Durable Black Body

  • Weigh

    upto 5kg with precision

  • Tare Option

    Tare Option to Weigh Multiple Ingredients

Model Number 0906
Battery 2x AAA
Capacity 5 Kg
Graduation 0.1 gm
Material Glass + ABS plastic
Warranty 1 Year
How long is my scale covered by Hi-Tech warranty?

Hi-Tech Warranty covers your scale for one year after purchase.

Does it consider the weight of a dish?

Yes, after turning the scale on, place dish on the scale, push the tare button once, wait for the all zero reading, place food or whatever into the dish, bowl or glass and it will give you the weight, (Not Including the Weight of the Dish, Bowl or Class). You can do this many times by pushing the Tare Button each time when adding several items to the mixture without emptying after each measure, i.e. cake or bread mixtures etc.

Is the area where it measures weight circular or the entire flat surface (square)?

The whole surface is weight sensitive.

Is the Hi-Tech scale splash proof?

A splash or spill wiped up fairly quickly would not harm the scale. 

What is the dimension of the product?

The dimension of the scale is 23*17*2 cm.

What are the measuring units in the scale?
  • The measuring units in the scale are kg, g, lb, oz, ml & fl

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