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Turbo Blender

  • Unique Speed Push Control
  • Loaded with Accessories

Hi-Tech’s Turbo Blender is a quick and easy solution for a wide range of activities in your kitchen. It lets you blend any kind of ingredients smoothly, thoroughly and effortlessly. Making soup, purees, buttermilk, lassi and milkshakes, are a child's play with the help of this handy and efficient appliance. Its ergonomic soft grip size and handy design make it easy to carry and safe to use. Not only does this set is useful to whip creams for icing, it also comes in very handy for preparing ice cream, cakes and many other delicacies on a regular basis.

The unique smart speed control makes it an advanced version of its counterparts in the market. The amount of control offered by this one feature is remarkable. The blender lets you control its speed by controlling how much you squeeze it. The harder you squeeze, the faster it blends, speed level of which is indicated by the LED light. 

The blender comes with a number of vital accessories that makes a lot of tasks unbelievably easy and quick. Durable stainless steel body, along with extremely powerful blades make it a highly efficient machine for its size. A 500 ml chopper lets you collect the chopped pieces while a 600 ml plastic cup allows you to blend with ease. The accessories also include a whisk that comes really handy while dealing with eggs or making cakes. Its compact sized and detachable design make it much easier to clean while the wall mount bracket that comes along make it easy to store for regular use.

LED lights indicate the variable power settings from low to high, depending on the requirement of the users. Hi-Tech's Turbo Hand Blender is an extremely light in weight, convenient to use, easy to clean and a low noise machine, which makes it a must have for every house.

Rs 6,445
  • Smart Speed Control

    Unique Smart Speed Control 

  • Led Light

    LED light to show Speed Level

  • Soft Grip

    Ergonomic Soft Grip

  • High Quality Blades

    High Quality Blades Suited to Indian Needs

  • Accessories

    Loaded with Essential Accessories 

  • Extra Large Stick

    Extra Large Stick for a More Convenient Operation

Model Number 0104
Power 800W
Operating Voltage 220-240V/50-60Hz
Function Unique Speed Push Control
Inclusions Detachable Stainless steel stick with stainless steel blade
Portable Portable and easy to use
Warranty No Warranty Guarantee, No Replacement
Accessories Turbo Blender, 500ml chopper, 600ml plastic cup, Whisk, Wall mount bracket and Instruction manual
Can I clean all parts of the hand blender in the dishwasher?

No, the motor unit and the whisk coupling have to be wiped with a moist cloth.

What can I use the whisk for?

You can use the whisk to whip egg whites, cream, sponge cake mixtures and soft desserts.

Can I crush ice cubes with the appliance?

No, this appliance cannot be used for crushing ice cubes.

Do I have to clean every part of the appliance before first use?

Yes, you have to clean every part that will come into contact with food before you start using the appliance.

Do the metal parts need special cleaning agents?

No, just use warm water with washing-up liquid to clean them. Do not use abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents or scouring pads.

How should I prepare ingredients before blending?

Not too much preparation has to be done, a Hand Blender is a powerful tool designed to puree’ things so it is more than capable of coping with most ingredients. The two golden rules are that the ingredients should fit in the beaker, and that you should be sensible, a whole apple is not going to blend easily, but cut into quarters it should be an easy task for your Turbo Hand Blender.


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