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Juice Presso Pro

  • Unique Wide Mouth Feature
  • Slow Spiral Pressing Technology
  • Incredible 85% Juice Yield

A glass of freshly made fruit juice is the most refreshing and healthy start your day can get. To serve that purpose, Hi-Tech brings to you Juice PressoPro- Slow Juicer. The slow spiral pressing technology takes the process of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables to a whole new level of purity. 

Its super large inlet reduces the time and effort that goes in cutting the fruit into small pieces. It intakes small fruits as a whole and juice them with utmost precision. Designed to produce minimal to no noise and low vibration, this juicer is convenient and safe to use. 

The wide mouth technology makes it a one of its kind product in the segment as well as the market. While the regular juicer makes you do maximum work, this juicer reduces the same to minimum. Top of the class design and extreme convenience and time saving ability, combined with the use of premium quality material in making the body makes this a highly advanced slow press juicer.

Unlike the regular high speed juicers, this slow juicer's slow pressing mechanism causes no damage to the fruit cell structure and preserves all the nutritious content. Along with that, the slow juicer gives more than 85% consistent and smooth juice yield and causes no oxidation of the juice, as a result the juice stays fresh longer which makes it not only healthier but also a far more efficient tool of juicing.

The modern, classy and ergonomic design not only makes it a sleek looking appliance but also a fairly noise free, lower power consuming device. It offers a hassle free rinsing and cleaning routine for regular usage. The entire unit is assembled in such a safe way that even kids can use it conveniently.

The versatility of the juicer lets you juice an assortment of fruits and vegetables. The slow juicer is a must have for your kitchen if you want to give your family the gift of good health.

Rs 12,995
  • Next Generation Juicer

    Super Wide 80mm Diameter Inlet

  • Slow Spiral Pressing Technology

    Quiet 120W motor with an RPM of 55

  • Incredible 85% Juice Yield

    Way more than the Regular Juicers

  • Retains Vitamins and Minerals

    Smooth and consistent juice with no oxidation making it more Fresh and Healthy

  • Noise Free Design

    Modern and Sleek Noise-free Design

  • Low Power Consumption

    Low Power Consuming Device

  • Functions

    Forward and Reversion Functions

  • Hassle Free

    Hassle free Rinsing and Easy to Clean

Model Number 0802
Power 200W
Operating Voltage 220-240V
Assemble Easy to Clean and Assemble
Capacity 0.8L extra-large pulp container & 1.1L juice cup
Inclusions Juicer, Instruction manual
Juice Yield Approx. 85%
Motor Type Quiet motor
Mouth Size 80mm diameter
Portable Portable and easy to use
RPM 55
Switch Type Feather-touch LED Touch
Vibration lower vibration
Warranty No Warranty Guarantee, No Replacement
Why are slow juicers better than traditional juicers?

Traditional juicer’s operation resembles that of a grinder. High rotational speed of several thousand revolutions per minute creates centrifugal force, which with assistance of abrasion separates the juice from the pulp. This process significantly decreases the amount of juice and degrades its quality. Abrasion generates heat, which destroys enzymes, vitamins and other microelements in the juice. Slow juicer operates differently. Fruits and vegetables are slowly crushed and pressed. This “gentle” process does not generate heat and minimizes oxidization of the juice, which in turn preserves original ingredients and allows for juices rich in enzymes, vitamins and microelements. Juices are smoother and do not stratify easily. Hi-Tech slow juicers also generate very little noise. It is around 8-10 times quieter than traditional juicers.

What is the significance of rotational speed in the juicing process?

Low RPM increases the time of juicing but preserves juices’ healthy properties. High RPM increases the speed of juicing but eliminates vital ingredients found in fruits and vegetables due to the heat generated in the process. Hi-Tech features the slowest motor available in the market but at the same time offers double intake capacity which speeds up the juicing.

What is the difference between vertical and horizontal juicer?

Vertical slow juicers slowly replace horizontal juicers. The main difference is in the positioning of the auger. Vertical juicers are easier to operate and more effective due to the assistance of gravitational force. 

How long can I store the juices prepared with Hi-Tech Juice Presso?

The healthiest option is to drink the juice immediately after preparation. Safe storing is however also possible having in mind that vacuumed containers should be used and that they should be kept in the fridge usually for no more than 24 hours. Sometimes longer storage is permitted but it depends on the fruits and vegetables used.  To vacuum, you could use Hi-Tech’s Vacuum Blender.

What can I use the leftover pulp for?

The pulp can be used as thickener in soups, pastas and sauces. Apple and carrot pulp is used in pies. Some also use pulp as compost and in preparation of food for animals.

Why do I get so little juice?

The final juice volume depends on the water content in crushed and pressed fruits and vegetables. The source of those is also important. Sometimes you can achieve better results with organic produce. The ingredients have to be fresh. Some ingredients can be soaked before juicing for better results. To get the best results disassemble and clean the juicer frequently.

How long will it take to make a glass of juice?

It depends on the ingredients. If the base is very liquid as cucumber or orange it will take less time than ingredients such as leaves and roots. But generally it takes less than five minutes to make a liter of fresh juice by Hi-Tech Juice Presso.

Is the Hi-Tech Slow Juicer suitable for commercial environments?

The recommendation for standard Hi-Tech juicers is to run for no longer than 30 minutes at single time, with a suitable amount of time allowed for cooling in between. If your commercial environment won't require usage beyond this then yes they are suitable.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, cleaning is very simple. To rinse your juicer, pour water into the juicer with the juice cap closed. Turn the juicer on so that the brush can sweep along the strainer. Open the juice cap and allow the water to flow out. Repeat two to three times. When you are ready to fully clean your juicer, disassemble and clean each part. Remember that the sooner you clean after juicing, the easier it is. 

How can we remove the stain which is build up on the strainer or other spare parts?

To reduce staining, rinse and clean immediately after each use. To clean more thoroughly, soak and submerge the auger in a solution of one part white vinegar to one part water for an hour, then scrub gently using brush.

I've got a technical issue with my Hi-Tech Slow Juicer, whom do I call for assistance?

We recommend you to please dial 1800-121-1232. Our team will be more than happy to assist you. 

What can I put into the juicer? Can I juice ice or peels and rinds?

Do not put ice into the Hi-Tech juicer it may damage the extractor. It is best to remove the hard rind of citrus fruits and pineapple and large pits from stone fruits such as peaches, plums and apricots. The peels that you may normally eat such as apple or kiwi can safely be used in the Hi-Tech juicer and these add to the nutritional value of your juice.

How readily available are spare parts for the Hi-Tech Juice Presso?

All spares for the Hi-Tech Juicer are immediately available with our service representative.

Do I have to peel and take the seeds out of the fruit first?

It depends on the type of fruit. Citrus fruit must be peeled first; with all other types of fruit, it's not necessary. Also, only large pits found in certain fruits like peaches must be removed first.

There is some abnormal noise in the juicer?

It happens when the accessories are not properly installed, the juicer is not kept on a flat ground or parts cause extrusion sound during squeezing. It can be resolved by installing the accessories properly, by keeping the juicer in a flat surface.


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