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  • Regalia 4B Plus
Regalia 4B Plus

Regalia 4B Plus

  • Patented Horisun Burners
  • Flame Failure Total Safety Device

We, at Hi-Tech, understand how essential food is in your life and thus have developed our kitchen appliances to ensure that your effort is reduced while the output is exemplified. Hobs are the most important and inevitable appliance in any household. Hi-Tech with the latest German Technology brings to you its Regalia range, designed to suit your convenience along with the modern looks to fit rightin with your modular kitchen. This efficient cooktop not only allows you to cook excellent food but also is much safer compared to most of the other hobs in the market. 

Hi-Tech presents you a premium range of hobs at an economical price which comprises of the Flame Failure Safety Device (FFD) which automatically turns the gas off if the flame gets blown outin case of strong winds or if any liquid overflows and puts out the flame. Our safety device banishes the fear of igniting a spark if gas is still running after the flame is put out and this makes it very safe to use by anyone. 

Hobs from Hi-Tech have patented Horisun burners that are made of premium quality brass that are most suited for Indian needs. Specially crafted for Indian cooking style, the burner is designed such that heat is evenly distributed for browning or roasting, making all types of Indian dishes perfect. The triple-flame burner offers 3.8kw power which helps in cooking at the right level of flame and for making perfect chapatis. Hi-Tech gas hobs are powerful for speedy cooking, and at the same time, gentle for simmering. 

Strong cast iron pan support ensures that the pots/utensils get a steady platform and do not wobble. These iron supports also allow uniform distribution of heat to the vessel for ideal cooking.

The rubber gaskets around the knob prevent water and any other liquid seepage into the knobs while cleaning. It also improves safety and enhances the life of the product.

The metallic knobs add to the life of the product, considering it is the most used appliance in the kitchen. 

Hi-Tech’s hobs have auto ignition mechanism which makes it even safer and hassle-free to use. 

The drip trays catch any material falling from the burner.

8mm toughened glass body provides strength and safety to the product.

The Regalia 4B Plus is a unique broad U-shaped distribution of two large and two small burners, which is just about the perfect size for every kitchen. The comfortable spread of the burners provides extreme ease of multi-tasking. Made of premium quality brass, these burners are extremely long lasting. The hob comes in very helpful for any household or even commercial use. A perfect blend of quality, durability and multitasking ability makes it a perfect kitchen accessory.

Rs 26,495
Model Number 0503
Burner Details 1 Big Triple Flame / 1 Mini Triple Flame /1 Big Dual Flame / 1 Mini Dual Flame
Burner Diameter 125/100/90/70mm
Burner Power 3.8 / 2.5 / 2.2 /1.5 kw
Length 78cm
Size 780*520*8mm
Warranty No Warranty Guarantee, No Replacement
What should I do in case of Weak Burner Flame?

If the burner flame on top of the oven appears to be less impressive than normal, the problem could be clogged burner flame openings. Low-quality flames could also be caused by too little gas or too little air getting to the burner. Adjust the air shutter to see if the problem is air. But if you suspect the problem is not enough gas, call for professional help.

Why do I see red flame in my built in hob / cooktop burner?

Red flame occurs if there is any food spillage in the burner. If the gas in the cylinder is getting over; you may see a red flame.

Can the built in Hob or cook top leak gas?

It is very rare that the leakage can take place in built in hob / cooktop, especially with our range in which we have Total Safety Flame Failure Device. In case you smell gas in kitchen, please check if the knobs are in off position, Check if the gas pipe hose is not cut, check if the regulator is functioning properly. Incase still if you smell gas in kitchen call on 1800-121- 1232. Please do not forget to open all windows and doors for ventilation and avoid switching on / off any electrical switches.

Can the glass break of my Built in Hob / cooktop?

All Hi-Tech Built in hobs & Cooktops are made of #1 Quality 8mm Toughened Safety Glass which can withstand high temperature and normal wear and tear during the cooking process. At Hi-Tech every batch of Glasses is tested for safety of customers. However, any Toughened glass can break if subjected to unusual impact created on edge of the glass or if it is exposed to unbearably high temperature metal directly. Although even if the glass breaks, it will never break in sharp pieces, it will break in non-sharp square fragments which will remain intact and will not disperse in the kitchen. Such breakages are very rare if the built in hob or cooktop is used properly.

How do I maintain my built in gas hob?

Most easy and convenient way to maintain your cooking appliance is to: 

  • Read instructions carefully before installing / using the built in hob/ cooktop. 
  • Clean with nonabrasive soap and water using a kitchen cleaning sponge or wipe.
  • Avoid spillages entering inside the burners or on the surface of built in hob, clean immediately in case there is any spillage. 
  • In case the burner are removable than switch off the gas supply remove the burners wash them and dry before placing the burners on the built in hob/ cooktop. 
  • Switch off the appliance after use.
What is the safety device for guarding the flame in Hobs? / Is there any safety device in hob?

All Hi-Tech built in hobs have an option of FFD (Flame Failure Device). FFD Flame failure device automatically switches the gas off if the flame gets blown out.

The burner’s flames are yellow, please help. What can it be?

The burner parts are not located correctly - Ensure the Hob has been assembled correctly and the burner cap is sitting flat. The burner parts are blocked with water - Refer to the service person/installer. The gas (if bottled is used) is emptying - Refill the gas bottle. The gas pressure is not at the correct level.

Why the flame goes out while releasing the knob?

It happens when the flame failure safety valve has not activated, for this you have to press the knob for a longer time period.


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